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The Barn Yard Bash

On Saturday, September 28th from 7:30-11:00pm Benedictine’s Programming Board hosted the University’s first annual Barn Yard Bash. The night was absolutely epic!  In weeks prior, as the word began to spread through campus, it became very apparent that a large portion of the student body had a musical heart for good ole country tunes! Who would have thought? Students all over campus began to buzz over this highly anticipated country themed night.

The night of the event was a blast! Doors opened at 7:30pm and the first one-hundred guests received a free bandana, cowboy hat, and light-up boot mug. People were thrilled and fighting to be first in line! The campus’ Coal Ben was decorated with red and white checkered table clothes, sweet candlelit lanterns, and a “wanted sign” photoframe cutout.  Outside of the Coal Ben was a fenced-off beer garden for those of legal age and barbeque for all to partake in. The barbeque dinner consisted of pulled pork, fried chicken, fruit, and a rootbeer keg! To top it all off, the up and coming band, Back Country Roads, was invited to perform.

Back Country Roads knocked the students boots off! They are a cover band that played all of the newest country hits. They could sing everything from Blake Shelton to the Band Perry to Little Big Town in perfect pitch the whole night long. There were three main singers, a man, woman and young man of only twenty years of age. All of them had incredible talent, but without a doubt the twenty-year old stole the show with his smooth voice and incredible guitar skills. The other band members consisted of a bass player, drummer, and a person in charge of the sound board. They  got the entire crowd dancing and singing along the whole night through! Overall, the night was a complete success and one that the students will never forget!

For any additional information on Benedictine’s Programming Board or the Back Country Roads Band checkout:


FAQ’S for College Freshman (at Benedictine)

1- When do meals start and end at Coal Ben (Meal Equivalence)?

Breakfast at Coal Ben starts at 7:30am.-11:00am. Meals in the afternoon start at 6:30pm and end at 9:00 pm.

2- Where can I work on home work so nobody will bother me or distract me?

Kindlon library in the basement, or 3rd floor. Otherwise, any empty classroom can be used to study in quietly.

3- Can freshman have cars on campus?

Yes. You need to go to the police station and get a student tag for your vehicle.

4- What religious denomination is Benedictine University?

Catholic. But we accept all religions and people.

5- Who can help me with setting up my class schedule and dropping and picking up classes?

Counselors and Advisers in Lownik Hall can assist you (Freshman and incoming Transfer students)

Do you like to sing?

If you love to sing then this is for you! Who doesn’t love karaoke? Everyone does! Karaoke is one of the most fun nights in the Coal Ben. Karaoke night is once a night every few months. People can sing in duets or solos. Some people sing just for fun while others sing because they love to. Karaoke is always a good time and to make it even better the best duet and solo win a prize! So if you ever go to karaoke to sing make sure to do your best!

Karaoke starts at 8:30 P.M. until 11:00 P.M. Make sure to get there early because Coal Ben is always packed! Also, don’t forget to grab a snack or smoothie before you sit down. In order for one person to sing karaoke they have to go up to the DJ and write down their name and request a song. Not everyone goes to sing, others just like to go and watch everyone. Once people turn in a few songs then karaoke will begin!

The first person to go is always the most nervous because all eyes are on them. After every performance there is a round of applause. There are some people who sing and they give you goose bumps because they are so good. While others are duets who sing just for fun and entertainment. At the end of the night after all of the performances, the DJ picks the best duet and solo and they each win a gift card.

Karaoke is definitely a fun night that is worth going to, so make sure you make an effort to go because you won’t regret it!

Campus Police

Benedictine University is the #1 safest four year university in Illinois thanks to our campus police officers. This is very comforting for students and parents to know that our police officers take their jobs serious. Campus police are always driving around campus, day and night, to make sure our campus is safe for all students. Our police officers truly do care about our students and go that extra mile to make sure everyone feels safe.

Our police officers are always on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our police officers do so much more than give out drinking and driving tickets to students. Campus police can unlock any dorm room if a student forgets their key or ID, they can jump start any student’s car if it is dead, and they can unlock a car if you forget your keys in the car. Also, if at any time during the night if anyone is feeling unsafe on campus, a police officer will come and personally walk anyone to their dorm room from anywhere.

The police station is located in the first floor of the parking lot.  The police department is the place to go if someone lost their student ID to get a new one or to get a parking pass. It is also the place to go if someone looses an item, because they have a lost and found. Campus police are just a phone call away and they are always there for students.

A New Year, A New Beginning

Just like New Years, a new school year opens up plenty of opportunities to make new goals for the upcoming school year! Now that school has started (last week to be exact!), there’s time to make all of your goals for this school year happen and continue to strive towards them early in the semester! Here’s a few things that anyone can do to get their school year on the right track early on:

  1. TIME MANAGEMENT: Make an effort to NOT PROCRASTINATE! This is difficult for everyone. BUT, if you start doing your homework/studying, planning ahead, and making a schedule right away, you can eliminate that feeling of anxiety and rushing things when you procrastinate. Don’t wait until the last minute!
  2. Get involved! This school year you might be interested in joining more clubs on campus and, especially, getting involved in those clubs! On every college campus there are a variety clubs from spirit, academic, volunteer, and services clubs. You might have a particular interest in a certain subject that you’d like to check out, or you’re already in a club and want to participate more or achieve a leadership position within your club. Either way, make time around your studies to start getting involved!
  3. Get a job! This school year find out about campus employment early because most employers on campus have early deadlines for applications! You can work in food services, the library, study centers, the mail room, the tutoring center, the admissions department, the financial aid department, and many more places around campus. Or if you’re interested in an off-campus job, keep applying to tons of places around your school because there is competition for those jobs, as well. Either way, I encourage you to do something that you would enjoy, but would, also, be convenient with your school schedule.
  4. Improve your grades! Everyone has those regrets that they could have done better in their classes the previous year. Well this year is the time to turn that around. By using your campus’s resources (like the tutoring center, your professors’ office hours, and study groups with your peers), you can easily get extra help with classes and prepare for quizzes and tests. This does tie in with time management. So take full advantage of these resources and get better grades this semester!
  5. Have a fun year! Maybe last year you didn’t have the chance to go to as many on-campus events or plan events on the weekends with friends. So this year, make sure you enjoy your college experience to fullest and have fun!

For all of your goals, I definitely encourage you to make a schedule. Whether you’re writing everything down in a planner or inputting all of your tasks into your smartphone calendar, this sets you up for perfect time management and achieving all of your goals! Have a great new school year!