How to have the best college experience!

Many incoming freshmen believe that the only way to have the best college experience is to party with the upper classmen. This statement is not true, yes I do agree that you should go out but its not only about that. One of the biggest ways you can get the best college experience is by staying on campus either in an apartment or in a resident building. By not staying on campus where ever you go or even move out you will not have a different experience. It will just be the same as it was during high school. Yes, you would be able to go out while being home, but being on your own and living on your own you will build responsibilities and maturity.

Another way you can make your college experience the best by getting involved. Where ever you go on campus there is always something you can do, either its a club or just some volunteer work. There are many clubs that are available for you to join and meet new people. By joining clubs and getting involved you will be able to meet people who may be helpful in the future. You can also join a sport or play intramural sports. The benefit of being at Benedictine University is that if you get a few friends together that share the same interest or would like to you can create a club of your own!


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