Being injured on campus

Being at a smaller school like Benedictine you start to realize who is hurt from a sport, limping though the quad or on crutches. Everyone knows it is not fun to be hurt but it is nice to know Benedictine is willing to help.Plus because we are such a large athlete school I’m sure you wont be the only one that is injured. As a student here i learned how hard it is to be hurt on campus but also how nice and helpful it is. I have been on crutches for about two weeks now because I ripped six tendons in my knee, it stinked so bad. I started to appreciate a small campus a lot, because being on crutches starts to really hurt and thankfully being on campus I didn’t have to walk long distances like I would at a larger school. Also I was very thankful for the elevators in every building but also even the dorms and krasa (the cafeteria) . This was nice because I didn’t have to painfully crutch up and down all the stairs because some of my classes are very far from each other. Another nice thing was walking from the gym which is quiet a walk and one of the campus police officers were driving around doing a night patrol and he stopped and offered to give me a ride to my dorm. It was so nice to know they were willing to help me a lot and I didn’t have to crutch all the way back to the dorm. A nice thing is everyone is willing to help. I have never once had to somehow get a door open by myself, walk my stuff down to the shower or try and carry my meals at krasa or coal ben.
These are just a few positives of being on a small campus and being injured as well!!


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