The importance of organization and time management

Being organized in college is crucial. Being all over the place during college can jeopardize your grades.  Time management is also  important during college because it will help you find more time to do things besides homework and you can practice for the working world.

Unfortunately, some students are not sure how they can stay organized during college with the constant stress of exams coming up and homework that is due.  Here are some ideas on how to stay organized during college.

  • Buy a planner/calendar that you can write in in order to keep track of exams and homework that are coming up.
  • Have a binder consisting of a folder, spiral and notebook paper for each class you are taking.
  • Make sure you read chapters in textbooks that are assigned before the day of class.
  • Take neat notes! Color code your notes.
  • Post-it note any important information in your textbook that could help you study for a test.

Time management is also key in college. Time management is essential in order to be successful in college. Having time available for yourself allows you to be less stress and to focus on what’s really important. Here are some ideas on how use time management.

  • Do your homework before the due date.
  • Do the important things first and leave the less important stuff last.
  • Avoid procrastination! Waiting until the last minute to do an assignment can jeopardize your grades.
  • Make an outline of the things you need to do that day. For example, you can do a time outline (i.e. @2:30 P.M. start working on paper).
  • Plan ahead on what assignments and exams you need to study for.

These are a few tips on how to stay organized during college and to using time management into your college schedule.

I hope this helps you in your college journey!


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