What is important in your college selection

It’s almost the end of the second semester and now seniors in high school are stressing about what college they need to pick . When narrowing your choices down to what college you will be attending,  you always want to make a choice that suits you the best.  Here are a few tips on what to look for when you make your college selection.

  • Look for a college that has a great location, whether you want to be close or away from home!
  • Always visit a campus before making your choice. Looking at a campus in person can always change your perspective.
  •  If your in a sport, make sure you can have a connection with the schools coach and other teammates.
  • When giving a tour look inside classrooms to see how the environment might be like.
  • Look for a school that meets your financial needs.
  • Look for a school that has a good program or other accommodations  for your major (i.e. Radiation Therapy  at Benedictine University!).
  • Find a college that is easy on your schedule! Make sure that your classes aren’t too far from one another.
  • See what extracurricular activities there are such as, clubs or organizations that might interest you.
  • If planning to live on campus, see if you like the dorms.
  • Safety-always look for colleges that are safe and ensure security.

Make a good choice when you narrow down what college you want to go to. Choosing the right college can influence the rest of your future.

Good luck!


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