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Applying for Scholarships

A big part of going to college is paying for it! Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford the high expenses of college. This is where scholarships come in!

There are merit scholarships and financial aid that you can recieve from the schools you were accepted to. Merit scholarships are given based on ACT/SAT scores, GPA, and involvement in activites. Financial aid is given to those who need financial help from the federal government based on your specific financial need. Most often, you would take a look at the scholarship letter that you will recieve from your accepted colleges to make your final decision on which school you will attend. Money does factor in with which school you will choose, afterall.

To obtain Merit Scholarships you should follow these tips:

  • REMEMBER that all four years of highschool are important and contribute to your GPA! A bad year can bring you down.
  • Actually STUDY for standardized tests and PRACTICE! That was the thing I regretted most when getting ready for applying for colleges. You can retake the ACT/SAT as many times as you’d like, but it does cost money. The more you study the better you can do the first few times and not have to retake it.
  • DO NOT give in to senioritis! Yes school is almost over and you’re ready to leave highschool, but all the scholarships you recieved from your accepted schools can be taken away if you choose to do poorly the rest of your senior year!
  • Be INVOLVED at your highschool or through organizations/clubs outside of your school. If you are interested in an activity or sport, then pursue it! Colleges like to see commitment to activites and you can be awarded scholarships for doing what you LOVE!

Not only can you recieve scholarships from your accepted colleges, but there are plenty of outside scholarships that you can apply to. There are random scholarships that can give you money for simply being tall, or there are scholarships that you have to write essays for. These can all be found online and most websites will match you up with scholarships that you apply to. Here are a few of those websites:


I use these websites and apply for a few scholarships once in while. Any extra money can help and even go towards buying books! Search around and you can find scholarships that fit you! Just remember to be original when completing these scholarships because you are competing with others for that money! Make it a chance to be creative and express yourself!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


How to have the best college experience!

Many incoming freshmen believe that the only way to have the best college experience is to party with the upper classmen. This statement is not true, yes I do agree that you should go out but its not only about that. One of the biggest ways you can get the best college experience is by staying on campus either in an apartment or in a resident building. By not staying on campus where ever you go or even move out you will not have a different experience. It will just be the same as it was during high school. Yes, you would be able to go out while being home, but being on your own and living on your own you will build responsibilities and maturity.

Another way you can make your college experience the best by getting involved. Where ever you go on campus there is always something you can do, either its a club or just some volunteer work. There are many clubs that are available for you to join and meet new people. By joining clubs and getting involved you will be able to meet people who may be helpful in the future. You can also join a sport or play intramural sports. The benefit of being at Benedictine University is that if you get a few friends together that share the same interest or would like to you can create a club of your own!

Being injured on campus

Being at a smaller school like Benedictine you start to realize who is hurt from a sport, limping though the quad or on crutches. Everyone knows it is not fun to be hurt but it is nice to know Benedictine is willing to help.Plus because we are such a large athlete school I’m sure you wont be the only one that is injured. As a student here i learned how hard it is to be hurt on campus but also how nice and helpful it is. I have been on crutches for about two weeks now because I ripped six tendons in my knee, it stinked so bad. I started to appreciate a small campus a lot, because being on crutches starts to really hurt and thankfully being on campus I didn’t have to walk long distances like I would at a larger school. Also I was very thankful for the elevators in every building but also even the dorms and krasa (the cafeteria) . This was nice because I didn’t have to painfully crutch up and down all the stairs because some of my classes are very far from each other. Another nice thing was walking from the gym which is quiet a walk and one of the campus police officers were driving around doing a night patrol and he stopped and offered to give me a ride to my dorm. It was so nice to know they were willing to help me a lot and I didn’t have to crutch all the way back to the dorm. A nice thing is everyone is willing to help. I have never once had to somehow get a door open by myself, walk my stuff down to the shower or try and carry my meals at krasa or coal ben.
These are just a few positives of being on a small campus and being injured as well!!

The importance of organization and time management

Being organized in college is crucial. Being all over the place during college can jeopardize your grades.  Time management is also  important during college because it will help you find more time to do things besides homework and you can practice for the working world.

Unfortunately, some students are not sure how they can stay organized during college with the constant stress of exams coming up and homework that is due.  Here are some ideas on how to stay organized during college.

  • Buy a planner/calendar that you can write in in order to keep track of exams and homework that are coming up.
  • Have a binder consisting of a folder, spiral and notebook paper for each class you are taking.
  • Make sure you read chapters in textbooks that are assigned before the day of class.
  • Take neat notes! Color code your notes.
  • Post-it note any important information in your textbook that could help you study for a test.

Time management is also key in college. Time management is essential in order to be successful in college. Having time available for yourself allows you to be less stress and to focus on what’s really important. Here are some ideas on how use time management.

  • Do your homework before the due date.
  • Do the important things first and leave the less important stuff last.
  • Avoid procrastination! Waiting until the last minute to do an assignment can jeopardize your grades.
  • Make an outline of the things you need to do that day. For example, you can do a time outline (i.e. @2:30 P.M. start working on paper).
  • Plan ahead on what assignments and exams you need to study for.

These are a few tips on how to stay organized during college and to using time management into your college schedule.

I hope this helps you in your college journey!

What is important in your college selection

It’s almost the end of the second semester and now seniors in high school are stressing about what college they need to pick . When narrowing your choices down to what college you will be attending,  you always want to make a choice that suits you the best.  Here are a few tips on what to look for when you make your college selection.

  • Look for a college that has a great location, whether you want to be close or away from home!
  • Always visit a campus before making your choice. Looking at a campus in person can always change your perspective.
  •  If your in a sport, make sure you can have a connection with the schools coach and other teammates.
  • When giving a tour look inside classrooms to see how the environment might be like.
  • Look for a school that meets your financial needs.
  • Look for a school that has a good program or other accommodations  for your major (i.e. Radiation Therapy  at Benedictine University!).
  • Find a college that is easy on your schedule! Make sure that your classes aren’t too far from one another.
  • See what extracurricular activities there are such as, clubs or organizations that might interest you.
  • If planning to live on campus, see if you like the dorms.
  • Safety-always look for colleges that are safe and ensure security.

Make a good choice when you narrow down what college you want to go to. Choosing the right college can influence the rest of your future.

Good luck!