How to know if a school is right for you

Alright, so when it comes to picking a school, there are several factors that you want to look for, but here are 4 good ones to remember…

  • What is the school size like? Are you looking for a larger school or a smaller school? If you’re not sure (like I was when I was a senior), then you may want to choose some schools that are of different sizes and visit these schools to see what feels right to your personal liking.  There are benefits to both, such as more one-on-one time with the teachers in smaller schools.
  • Does the school have your major? Obviously this is one of the biggest deciding factors of what school you will end up picking. If you are undecided, but have an idea of what you’d like to major in, than aim to pick a school that offers all of the majors of your interest.
  • Where is the school located? If you haven’t already, make sure you are thinking about whether or not you’d like to go far from home, close to home, or somewhere in between.
  • What is the atmosphere like? This is what makes actually visiting the school so important! Just reading online and getting flyers about a school is nothing compared to actually taking a tour of the campus and  getting to see if a school has that ‘right feeling’. For me personally, this was the final factor that helped me pick my school from my list I had narrowed down because I knew almost instantly when I walked onto Benedictine’s campus that it just,well, felt right.

Hope these little tips help you as you get closer to making your final decision!


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