Scramble for Space

As an incoming freshman, your housing and classes are all set up for you.

Once you are near your second semester, it is time for you to choose your second semester classes and your room for the next year!

So all of you the second semester freshman, sophomores, and juniors, many of you already know the stress and worry over picking out your own class schedule and housing for your next semester; for those of you who don’t know, I’m going to tell you the easiest ways to get the classes and residence hall rooms that you want!

1. Plan ahead. When you are deciding what classes to take next semester, get your major checklist out and map out your classes. Use the fake schedule sheet to plan out your classes day by day to make sure none of your classes overlap. If you have time, make a four year plan; I did, and it is really helpful.

2. Check with your adviser and have them approve your picks! Have your adviser check over your four year plan too.

3. Before the actual registration date, keep checking to make sure your classes aren’t full and make sure that you have a few back-up classes in case you are waitlisted.

4. On the day of registration you have to click the register button at 7:oo a.m. on the dot, so make sure you get up at least 10 minutes before and countdown!

Picking a room for the next year can be a rough process, but if you do  it right, it’s a piece of cake.

1. Do not start asking people to live with you too early. You might find someone who seems like a good fit early on in the year and later find out they aren’t for you. Give it time and everything will fall into place.

2. Planning your future roommates can cause groups of friends to drift apart, so don’t start planning too soon in the year.

3. Once the date of picking your roommates and residence hall room approaches, speak with your close friends and decide who will be living together. Plan out which residence hall you will be rooming in and select your room. Make a back up list of rooms in case the one you want gets taken.

4. And again, the day of the room selection, get all of your friends together about 10 minutes before the final selection and count down! Then when the time comes to select the room, click that button!

Everything should work out for you if you are flexible, you plan ahead, have a few backup plans. Don’t stress out 🙂


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