Becoming a Leader

There is no limit to what you can accomplish as a college student. To those that think you cannot have a leadership position on campus as a freshman, you are definitely mistaken! When you begin to join clubs and activities and become very involved in those organizations, you get more opportunities to become a leader!

Many think that because they do not have as much experience in that club that you don’t have a chance to become a leader; therefore, they don’t even attempt to apply/run! This is beyond FALSE! Your dedication and time that you will put into the club is one of the things being a leader includes! If are willing to take on extra responsibility, then you can make a siginificant difference to your club! Running meeting, planning events, advertising for your club, fundraising, and training new members to a specific jobs are all tasks that you can complete when moving onto your sophomore year!

Currently tons of students are applying and running to be on the executive boards for their clubs for the following year, including myself! I am currently a freshman and plan to take on a leadership position for that club because I put in a lot work to that club already and want to take my skills to the next level!

If you dedicate yourself to putting in a lot of effort into that certain club, then you should go for it! You never know what can happen so why not try for it! If it’s something you enjoy then you can make that happen!


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