First summer of a college student

Many college kids look forward to summer away from all the books and papers but many of them forget that meals will not be provided or will all the activities on campus but also mom and dad are not used to a young adult being back home from college. Many college students start rapidly applying for summer jobs, these either being at restaurants, nannying, shopping stores, grocery stores anything they can get there hands on. Like all college students, I love money I did the same thing until I realized how helpful Benedictine is. Unlike all these frantic students that are applying for jobs I am lucky enough to go to school close enough from my house and a school that provides summer jobs that transfer over to the fall school year. Benedictine university has jobs in all sorts of areas, these being the sports complex,  food service either in Krasa or Coal ben or even a maintenance worker around campus. There are also jobs being a summer R.A on campus or like I do blogging or giving group or private tours on campus. But some people are not as fortunate as me and live under forty five minutes away. Benedictine provides you with many options because you cannot find this in many large schools or many colleges in general.
So if you are an incoming freshman to Benedictine don’t be afraid to ask around or apply for a few jobs on campus because one, you meet great people, two it’s awesome experience and three its great for the future you have outside of Benedictine.


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