Four Fun Activities to Try

Since the weather has finally been pretty nice for the past couple of days (and hopefully by the time you get this it is officially nice), I have noticed everyone’s desire to be outside and soak up that sun that they’ve been missing. Just yesterday I saw a group in the quad playing beach volleyball and a group of girls laying in the grass with books sprawled out between them and a giant bag of popcorn. I mean honestly, who wants to be cooped up in their dorm room or the library all day studying with such warm, sunny weather…unless you’re me and were at a track meet and than Phillip Phillip’s concert all day the day before. So, besides me being a bit of a nerd and trapping myself in the library to do some studying after a weekend of never even touching my notes or books, it’s time to get out there and have some fun! Here are some things you should definitely try out when you’re at Benedictine in the spring:

  1. Play Beach Volleyball-you probably saw this one coming since I brought it up earlier, but hey, why not? We have a huge sand volleyball court in the quad, so take advantage of it and grab a group of friends and there you go! What’s even better is with the tight-knit student community Benedictine has, you’re almost guaranteed that more people are going to join in once they see there’s a game going on in the quad (which makes the game much easier if you’re not the best at getting the ball )
  2.  Play Basketball Outside-we also have a nice basketball court and I’ve already seen people out there shooting hoops. Plus, there are different basketball games such as, H-O-R-S-E,  lightening(this is what we call it in Michigan…but I guess here it’s called knockout), and of course just basketball on teams with however many people you have. 
  3. Naperville Riverwalk-I’ve run along this during cross country training and also just walked along it the times I been to naperville and it is really nice. You’re along the river the whole time, but you pass by a huge pool (which I’m excited to see soon since I’ve only seen it covered) as well as a park. If you really want, you can stop by at the park-you might get some weird stares from the little tikes playing there, but it’s your call…I may have stopped there with my cross team before…but everyone’s a kid at heart. Anyways, Naperville is really nice so make sure you take a visit there. And, what better way to end walking through Naperville, especailly on a hot day, then a visit to..
  4. Forever Yogurt! – I just went there for the first time the other day (I’m not sure if Michigan has them?) and I loved it! In case,you’re like me, you’ve also never been there, it is a frozen yogurt place with a wall full of different flavors from fruity flavors like strawberry, to original flavors like vanilla and chocolate, to unique flavors like coffee and Reese’s. YUMMMM! Then you have all the different toppings you can chose to put on-M&M’s, strawberries and different fruit, vanilla and toffee chips-I mean, I’m not even close to naming the wide variety they have to choose from. What’s even better is that you can select exactly what and how much you want-just grab a bowl and serve yourself. You weight it at the end on a balance and then you’ll figure out what the price is of your dessert.

These are just a few suggestions of fun activities you should really consider trying when you’re here!


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