Being A Part of A Team

Being a part of a team takes a lot of commitment.

I came to Benedictine for the education, but to be a part of the women’s soccer team. For me, I forgot what it was like to be a part of a team because my senior year of high school I did not play soccer at all– I focused on school. Coach Burr saw me play at a tournament over the summer and sprung some interest on my ability.

Coming to school early for pre-season, I was extremely nervous. I forgot what it was like to see the same girls every day, all day, and even in some of the same classes.  It was a bit of a shock to me how close we all got within the first week of school. Granted we did have our ups and downs, but in the end we all became closer as friends. Being a part of the team brings you close and immediate friends that you will be with throughout the four years of college. The bonds that you create with these girls are endless memories. These bonds get formed over the first big tournament out of state along with all the other journeys that come our way.

Not only do you get close friends right away, but coaches always make sure that you have good grades along with the right help that is needed to perform well in academics. Especially with my team, our coach made academics the number one goal to get not only our individual GPA up but our team GPA as well.

Being a part of a team is not just about grades, practices, and games but its about the relationship you make and the bonds you share.


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