BenU Track and Field Rocks it Out at Conference Championships

This weekend was an amazing one for Benedictine Track and Field. Our men’s team took the conference title for the 2nd year in a row, while the women finished with a strong 3rd.  There were so many notable performances, it’s hard to keep track. I was honored to compete in such an amazing atmosphere and watch some of the incredible moments.

All the men came together to score a total of 172 points. There were many memorable moments on the track ( sorry if I forget some of them) that it’s hard to remember every single one.  On the distance side, in an exciting 800, our boys pushed each other all the way to the finish line for 2nd and 3rd place. We also scored in the 1500. Our sprints came out strong and scored in almost every event. At the end of the day when we found out we were only up by a few points, so the last race of the day (the 4×4) was an emotional one. Everyone screamed and cheered for the guys on the track like our lives depended on it. The emotions were high as we waited to hear the final results. In the end, our throws came out with the win for us, scoring HUGE and even sweeping some of the events. It was an awesome feeling to see our guys hold that championship trophy and see Coach K win Coach of the Year.

But let’s not forget the ladies :).  The women’s team came out with a solid 3rd, scoring 129 points, almost 40 more points than we were projected to get.  Once again, the throws came out huge for us and a lot of the freshman stepped up with medals.  Sprints also showed up strong, getting 1st in the 100 meter dash and scoring in many other events.  My distance ladies put out some strong performances, getting 2nd in the 1500, 4th and 6th in the 800, and 7th in the 10k. I was lucky enough to score a couple of points for the team in a rainy and cold (4o degrees) steeple race with a lot of stumbles, my teammate and I getting 7th and 8th.

Overall, our team has a lot to be proud of and it’s an amazing feeling to be part of a program where you get to watch all of the hard work by the coaches and athletes pay off. Go Eagles!


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