Want to live off campus, yet be away from home?

First of all, I live on campus and absoluetly love it.  I feel like I am closer to many of the people here at Benedictine because I live on campus.  I am not saying that commuters and residents are separate, but more times than not commuters are more familiar with other communters and residents are more familiar with other residents. Now, on to the question “Want to live off campus, yet be away from home?”

I know about 5 people that have houses off campus, however houses that have affordable rent and finding enough roommates that can aford the rent is pretty difficult.  I have visited these houses a few times and they are nice and comfortable, but it’s just a matter of affording it.

Another option many people pursue are apartments near campus yet off the actual Benedictine Campus.

Four Lakes on Maple Avenue provides pretty affordable condos and apartments.  I have a friend that lives in a studio in Four Lakes and his rent is about $900 a month. It’s a really nice place with a lot of amendities just a little pricey.

Also I have friends that live in Abbeywood Apartments and Greentrails Apartments.  They all have 4 roommates and the rent varies from $200-400 a person.  These places are really nice and within walking distance to school.

Two of the most outstanding drawbacks that I can think of are that you are not given a very big meal plan so you would have to do a lot of cooking and grocery shopping. Also, unlike Founders Woods’, the tenants of the off-campus apartments have to pay monthly utilities.


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