The Benefits of smaller College campus’s over larger ones.

When I was looking into colleges during my senior year of high school I came across one of the biggest decisions that I would have to take in my life. I put many things into consideration and thought about many pros and cons between two different schools. One thing I had to think about was  between a small campus or large campus. After coming to Benedictine University, I tell myself all the time that I made the best decision in my life to choose a small campus. There are many benefits for going to a smaller campus rather than a larger one.

One main benefit is that you would be able to know more people. When going into college, it can be hard to make new friends. When I first came to Benedictine University, you would see everyone more than once a day. I made so many new friends just because of the small school size. I talked to some of my cousins that go to University of Chicago  (UIC) in the city and they said that they don’t really meet new people. They hang out with the same people on a daily basis, either they met before they went to UIC or they randomly met at a party. It can be quiet hard to make friends, when coming to Benedictine University I had the biggest opportunity to meet new students that are my best friends now, and met many people who can help me get far in life.

Another benefit is that you will have small class sizes. In college, it  is very important to know your professor as well as your professor knowing you by name and not by a number. Also the professors will be teaching, there will be no teacher assistants in the classroom. They would be there just to help out during labs. Also your advisers know each of their students well and help them through out the whole process while they are a student at the University. Also you would be able to have an individual designed major along with hands on opportunities.


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  1. The difference in opportunities for someone with a college degree instead of just a high school diploma is quite significant. Add a graduate degree on top of that, and the sky’s the limit.

    1. Pavan Thakkar | Reply

      This is very true, that one degree will take you far.

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