Benedictine Lingo

Many colleges have shorten names or abbreviations for places or things to do on campus.  Since I am a junior I am pretty familiar with a lot of the lingo and also have some of my own that I will share will you.  I will give you examples of conversations:

I live in the Jag- Jaeger hall

We are going to hang out in the Drak- Ondrak hall

Off to krasa for the rest of the night- Krasa Student Center basement to study

Wanna get Krasa for lunch- Second floor Krasa Student Center to eat lunch and dinner.

I’ll probably be heading to Founders this weekend- Hanging out in Founders’ Woods Apartments

Going to Rice to work out- Dan and Ada Rice Center

I got breakfast at the caf- The cafe inside Kindlon Hall

Who’s on duty this weekend?- Referring to what police officer is on duty this weekend

Is there open gym?- Is the Rice Center open to play basketball

I’m going to missed meals at Coal Ben- The period after Krasa stops serving food for dinner


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