Spring Fever at BenU

I’ve noticed walking around campus lately that the mood has definately shifted. Being on campus when warmer weather starts to hit brings a lot of excitement back to school.  All the spring sports are in full swing and you can finally sit outside on a gorgeous day and watch them. Music and announcers fill the campus with noise from baseball games and with the warmer weather, you can enjoy one on a sunny day or under the lights at night. The Sports Complex always has something going on lately, whether it’s a lacrosse game or track and field meet.  There’s also some fun new spring events. The second week of April is part of Spring Fest, where every day is filled with a fun event.  There’s tye dye shirt day (mine came out awesome), Hawaiian day, a bonfire, and at the end of it all is the Spring Ball at Navy Pier downtown.  There was also an Easter egg hunt on campus, where eggs were hidden all over campus and students could turn them in to get a prize at Coal Ben.  With finals coming up, all of this provides a ton of stress relief and reward for all the hard work students have done over the semester.  Benedictine is definately a fun place to be when the warm weather hits 🙂


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