Keeping Contact With Your Friends from Home

When students come to college, in a way, they almost create a new life for themselves.  Sometimes this new life doesn’t include your friends from high school as much as the old one did.  So many promises are made between friends before graduation, like how you’ll Skype every week or visit each other all of the time. In reality most of these promises aren’t kept. This sounds pretty gloomy, but surprisingly, this can be a good thing. When you form a new life at school, you’re finally able to decipher who your true friends are. If a person truly meant something to you in high school, you’re going to make the effort to keep them in your life. It’s important not to force yourself to keep in touch with people you really have no desire to keep in touch with. Just focus on keeping in contact with the people who you can’t imagine not being in your life.  These are the people that you cant be away from for months, but when you see them again it’s like you never left them.

It’s really important to keep your friends updated on what’s going on in your life.  This way, they stay connected with you and when you see them again they’ll actually know what to ask you about your life and have things to talk about.  It’s awkward when you see your friends after a long time and you all have no idea what to talk about because you don’t even know what they’ve been up to.  It’s also important to keep old traditions alive between friends.  I’ve been making one of my best friends red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting every year for her birthday since we’ve been friends. I wasn’t able to make it home for her birthday in October this year, but when we finally saw each other 3 months later over winter break, I gave her the cupcakes and she was still just as happy as she would have been in October.  If you have a tradition with a friend, it’s even more appreciated if you stick with it in college when your apart. It’s also important to text your friends randomly with silly things that reminded you of them or post on their Facebook wall. This lets them know your still alive and care about them.  I know my day is way better when I get a text from one of my friends from home. It distracts me from the craziness of school.

Always try and make an effort to keep in touch with the friends you truly know you miss. You won’t regret it when your home for the summer, bored on the couch because you left everything from school.  🙂


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