Finals Week-what it’s like

Since finals week is  just around the corner, it would be a good time to give you a little preview of what it’s like. So, since I’ve only been through one finals week in college, I will pretty much summarize how it went.

Eat. Study. Break. Study. Eat. Study. Break. Study. Eat. Study. Sleep. Repeat.

^That probably doesn’t look too appealing, but when you tell yourself that it’s one week you’ve got to get through and then you get to start fresh, it really motivates you. But here are some more details so that you have a better idea of what it’s like.

First of all, there are many empty classrooms on campus that are left unlocked for students who wish to study in a quiet room with white boards, and usually students will try to get a room with their friends and study all day in there (it’s a first come first serve kind of thing). This is especially helpful if you want to study with and help out others in your class, but of course you can just study in the same room as your friends without having to study together. This is what some of my cross country team and I did. Then, you want to be sure that you give yourself some breaks. Really, they are important! And I’m not just talking about eating either (although that is equally as important), but your brain does better when it has a chance to relax periodically. If you study nonstop you’ll go crazy! Just set aside a time when everyone agrees to stop for at least 10 minutes and do something…my team and I would watch funny YouTube videos which really helped get my mind away from my studies for awhile.

In the dorms the quiet hours are strictly reinforced until finals week is over (aka, it’s quiet 24-7 so that everyone can study peacefully). Around finals week, they also  typically have people come in who give free massages to students to help relieve some stress. Your actual schedule for finals should amount to about 1-2, maybe 3 finals (but highly unlikely), a day.

Apart from what I’ve told you, there really isn’t much else I can tell you about finals week. It’s really similar to what you have in high school, with maybe a little more difficulty added, so just relax and try your best. As long as you put in the studying (which I recommend you do more than just a weekend beforehand), then you should do just fine.


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