How to make your dorm room feel like home

Moving to Jaeger was exciting, yet I missed my own room and house.

Here are some tips when you want to make your dorm room to feel comfortable as living at home.

Your bed:  Sleeping in college is crucial so you want to feel as comfortable as possible.  One thing you can do to make your bed comfortable -add another mattress or memory foam on top of the mattress given to you. This will give you the extra comfort needed! Always make sure you have enough pillows to sleep with. I like to do my homework on my bed because it’s comfortable and I always need extra pillows to support my back when I’m sitting up.

Your floor: Jeager hall has floors that don’t have any carpet. One of the things I brought was a rug. Having a rug in your room will add a little color in the room. Especially during the winter when the floors are cold, putting your feet on the rug when you wake up adds extra comfort.

Decorations: Add posters to your room to make your room  lively. Some people even add colorful lights to their room just to make the room look fun. Add a fun chair for when your friends come over to hang out.  Bring photos of loved ones! Having photos in your room will just remind you of great memories with your loved ones and will make you feel right at home.

Bring items from your house:  I love candles, unfortunately they are not allowed  in the dorm so, one of the things I brought from my own home was my Scentsy. For those who don’t know what a Scentsy is, it’s a wickless warmers that leaves an amazing scent in your room for hours. Having a Scentsy helps me relax when I am studying. It also lights up the room when the room is dark. I also love to read books, so I brought my favorite books to my dorm just to read on my free time.

Those are a few basic tips of making your dorm feel like your home. Sooner or later you learn to adapt to living away from home. Make the best out of living in a dorm and have fun!


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