Misconceptions about college!

  1. When many people first come into college, they think that college is difficult, impossible and stressful. Yes it is difficult and stressful but never is it impossible nor is anything in life impossible. Also the difficulty and stress level can be avoided. The way to avoid all of this is to work hard. Don’t fall behind and always ask questions. If you leave things for the last minute then you are going to be stressed for sure.
  2. They also think that college is going to be all about parties, that thought is true and false at the same time, there are parties if you want them but remember to be smart about it. I have seen many students that have a bright future ahead of them, and they ruin it with one mistake of going to a party. College can be a fun experience, it is possible to have a great time while studying .
  3. Another misconception is that the dorms are great, as a freshmen I remember that my first thought about living on campus was to live in a big dorm that had a lot of space and would feel like my own little apartment. Many of the freshmen thought that the life in a dorm would mean to have a bunch of money and a tons of fun. I soon came to realize that dorms are not that great compared to living at home, sure it had its benefits. You do have freedom but you also have many responsibilities.
  4.   Students think that the classes that you will take only are for your major but that is a false thought because you will take classes which are known as gen eds which will most likely have nothing to do with your major. If you are a science major, do not forget your math or any other subject that you did in high school. I am an math major but still have history classes as well as a fine arts class which is a gen ed that is needed.

Before heading into college, which is a new life to everyone, make sure you ask questions to those who you meet at visits and major events. It is better to be prepared before going into college than realizing all of these misconceptions half way through the year.


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