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The Benefits of smaller College campus’s over larger ones.

When I was looking into colleges during my senior year of high school I came across one of the biggest decisions that I would have to take in my life. I put many things into consideration and thought about many pros and cons between two different schools. One thing I had to think about was  between a small campus or large campus. After coming to Benedictine University, I tell myself all the time that I made the best decision in my life to choose a small campus. There are many benefits for going to a smaller campus rather than a larger one.

One main benefit is that you would be able to know more people. When going into college, it can be hard to make new friends. When I first came to Benedictine University, you would see everyone more than once a day. I made so many new friends just because of the small school size. I talked to some of my cousins that go to University of Chicago  (UIC) in the city and they said that they don’t really meet new people. They hang out with the same people on a daily basis, either they met before they went to UIC or they randomly met at a party. It can be quiet hard to make friends, when coming to Benedictine University I had the biggest opportunity to meet new students that are my best friends now, and met many people who can help me get far in life.

Another benefit is that you will have small class sizes. In college, it  is very important to know your professor as well as your professor knowing you by name and not by a number. Also the professors will be teaching, there will be no teacher assistants in the classroom. They would be there just to help out during labs. Also your advisers know each of their students well and help them through out the whole process while they are a student at the University. Also you would be able to have an individual designed major along with hands on opportunities.


Late Night Procrastination

Dear fellow procrastinators,

I’ll blog about this later….just kidding!

I’m blogging to you today to discuss our terrible habit of procrastinating to the very last minute. I’ve recently stayed up until 2 a.m. writing a research paper in Spanish and later found out that I had to take an online quiz, therefore I was up until the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. I was dragging the entire next day.

I have two major pieces of advice for you guys:

1. Try as hard as you can not to procrastinate. If you know a paper is due a week or two weeks ahead of  time you should start an outline and write it bit by bit. The night before it’s due you can add your finishing touches, re-read your paper, and make corrections. If you have time, try to visit one of our peer tutors and they can read over your essay before you turn it in to your professor.

If you are studying, again, study the material piece by piece and then review the harder topics you are still fuzzy on.

2. If you end up procrastinating til the night before it is important to stay awake. Have a snack every once and awhile to get some energy. I don’t recommend this, but many of my friends will chug some soda or drink a few energy drinks.

After your energy supply is replenished, make sure you that you can work without distractions and get going! To study for an exam, make sure you skim everything. Use the ten second rule: if you can think of how to answer/ do the problem within ten seconds, skip it until you find something you get stuck on. It’s best to fly through the easy problems because you already understand how to do them and they will be easy to do on the exam. You should focus on the problems that are going to be a major part of the exam and work out the ones you get stuck on. If you have one, go through your study guide and quiz yourself.

If you’re writing a paper, you should sit down and write the whole thing, maybe taking a few small breaks could help you, but you cannot lose focus. If you can finish the whole thing in one sitting, you can go back and edit quickly.

Benedictine Lingo

Many colleges have shorten names or abbreviations for places or things to do on campus.  Since I am a junior I am pretty familiar with a lot of the lingo and also have some of my own that I will share will you.  I will give you examples of conversations:

I live in the Jag- Jaeger hall

We are going to hang out in the Drak- Ondrak hall

Off to krasa for the rest of the night- Krasa Student Center basement to study

Wanna get Krasa for lunch- Second floor Krasa Student Center to eat lunch and dinner.

I’ll probably be heading to Founders this weekend- Hanging out in Founders’ Woods Apartments

Going to Rice to work out- Dan and Ada Rice Center

I got breakfast at the caf- The cafe inside Kindlon Hall

Who’s on duty this weekend?- Referring to what police officer is on duty this weekend

Is there open gym?- Is the Rice Center open to play basketball

I’m going to missed meals at Coal Ben- The period after Krasa stops serving food for dinner

Spring Fever at BenU

I’ve noticed walking around campus lately that the mood has definately shifted. Being on campus when warmer weather starts to hit brings a lot of excitement back to school.  All the spring sports are in full swing and you can finally sit outside on a gorgeous day and watch them. Music and announcers fill the campus with noise from baseball games and with the warmer weather, you can enjoy one on a sunny day or under the lights at night. The Sports Complex always has something going on lately, whether it’s a lacrosse game or track and field meet.  There’s also some fun new spring events. The second week of April is part of Spring Fest, where every day is filled with a fun event.  There’s tye dye shirt day (mine came out awesome), Hawaiian day, a bonfire, and at the end of it all is the Spring Ball at Navy Pier downtown.  There was also an Easter egg hunt on campus, where eggs were hidden all over campus and students could turn them in to get a prize at Coal Ben.  With finals coming up, all of this provides a ton of stress relief and reward for all the hard work students have done over the semester.  Benedictine is definately a fun place to be when the warm weather hits 🙂

Managing Stress During Finals Week

We have only a few weeks left until the dreaded finals week! This can be one of the most stressful times of the year for college students.  If you crammed for most of your exams during the semester, you might have forgotten the majority of the material and now you’re being asked to remember it all.  Unfortunately, if you become too stressed out, it can make you perform even worse on your tests! During this time of the year, we as students really need to find a balance between apathy and anxiety.  We have to care enough to study, but not care too much to the point where our stress prevents us from retaining any information.  Here’s some tips to help you manage your stress during finals!

First, try to focus on one test at a time.  If you’re freaking out about the biology exam you have on Friday, you’re not going to retain very much information about the psychology test you have on Monday. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed if you think about all of the tests you have that week. Try to plan a schedule for when you’ll study for each exam.  This always helped me to stay on track and not get overwhelmed.

Next, take advantage of the resources we have on campus! Campus Ministry offers movies during finals week and also FREE massages.  Definitely get a massage; it’s free and you deserve it.  It’s always a good idea to take breaks here and there, so you don’t get burned out from all of the studying.

Go to the Rice Center! Exercising will help you to relieve stress and clear your mind for awhile. Then, you’ll be ready to ace your next exam.

Make sure you sleep! When you sleep, your brain organizes all of the information you just studied.