How to avoid Freshman 15

Believe it or not the Freshman 15 is one of the biggest fears of college.  I’ll give you a few pretty simply steps to avoid the freshman 15:

1. Try not to eat heavily in between meals

2. Eat three meals a day.

3. Not eating will in fact make you gain wait.  So make sure you eat healthy.

4. We have a $6.7 million dollar fitness center. It’s better than 90% of D3 facilities in the country

5. We also offer group fitness classes every day at certain hours.  For example, zumba, yoga, butts and guts, and kickboxing.

Along with eating healthy, working out on a decent schedule will help you keep off the excess weight.

Our campus is small so it is not necessary to drive to every class.  Simply walking to class will also help keep off the freshman 15.  Basically maintain healthy habits and working out/staying active in college will help you maintain a desirable weight.

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