Caffeine and Naps: The College Life

i_love_naps_mug-p168774369571917504en711_216If you’re in highscool, think about about how many hours of sleep you get every night. Probably at least 7 hours, right? Maybe if you play a sport or are in a bunch of clubs, that might vary from night to night. However, I’m sure when you wake up for school in the morning you have enough energy to get through the day. Take it from me, cherish the amount of sleep you’re getting now!

This isn’t to scare you! Before college, I would go to sleep early and be fine waking up and getting ready for school the next day, and never took naps. Nowadays you’ll usually find me in my dorm lounge or in the Krasa Student Center til 3am working on assignments and/or studying. I wake up like a zombie with my eyes half open almost every morning. I schedule naps inbetween classes and club meetings, and drink tons of coffee so that I can stay up late again and finish more homework.

Everyone’s classes and college schedules are different so it does vary on the person, but, from every college student I have encountered, you will spend some long nights doing an assignment or studying for a big test at some point! The workload for college classes is 100 times larger than homework from highschool classes. As a freshman, last semester this was a challenge to maintain my heavy classwork, clubs, and having two jobs, but I was able to adjust my schedule and find out what worked for me. This semester, I am a master at planning when I’ll need a nap, and waking up for class 10 minutes earlier so I can go to Coal Ben and grab a Starbucks coffee so I don’t fall asleep!

But just remember, college is what you make of it! You get to plan your experience that way you want it to happen! If you have any questions about college life, just post a comment!


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