Getting Research

There are many important things that a student should do before they graduate, but getting research is at the top of the list for science students.  There are many bennifical elements that come with research.  A student will not only learn about a topic in depth, but they will also have expierence they can use later in their professional career.  Even more students form a relationship with a professor who can coach them with thier plans for the future and thier future studies.   In some cases employer’s give high levels of preference to people who have had expierence like research.
Getting research is not hard at Benedictine, it is quite simple in fact. All a student needs to do is apply! There is a website that has an application, and all the opportunities avalible. Once you figure out what project you want to partake in, you just need to talk to the professor and get consent. Then you fill out the application and submit it to the designated person on the web site. All you need to do is wait and see if you are selected. Apply early and often in your educational career, so you can get a broad range of expierences. Also, a professor may be doing research independently, which you can help with as well, all you need to do is ask. Furthermore, there is a web page that is set up with external opportunities for Benedictine students on the Benedictine web site.


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