ABC Countdown!

So not only am I excited for summer break, but I am so pumped for ABC countdown beginning this Wednesday on March 27 ( I had no clue that we only have 26 more school days left until finals begin..and after finals comes break!!) ABC countdown is a tradition that my cross country/distance team is doing for fun just to keep the days leading up to summer pretty entertaining. We all had some time to come up with any crazy ideas before our team captain made the final list that included some of the classic days from ABC countdown, while switching some to make it unique to this year. So, this is what we came up with…

A- Animal Day: dress as our favorite animal or wear our favorite animal shirt

B- British Accent Day

C- Crazy Hair Day

D- Dance Day: we must dance at every stoplight or intersection on our run

E- Environmental Day- wear green or bring something to recycle

F- Fro-yo Day- we’ll be getting frozen yogurt after we get back from one of our meets

G- Gay Pride Day

H- Hat Day or Horror Day- wear a hat or something scary

I: Ice Day or Ice cream Day- take an ice bath in the cold tub at school or eat ice cream (or both!)

J: Juice Day- drink some Juicy Juice!

K: Kite Day- the best day of all (this is just what the actual list says, so I’m assuming it must be a classic..I’ll let you know later why it’s the best)

L: Lollipop Day-eat some lollipops!

M: Michelle Day-this is one of our seniors that will be graduating, so this gets to be her special day

N: Neon Day- wear your brightest!

O: Old Crow Medicine show Day- This means “Wagon Wheel” on repeat (Wagon Wheel is a song that we would listen to on the bus on the way to every meet during the cross country season)

P: Peanut Butter Day-yummmmmm 🙂 (that is my own description and a day I came up with because peanut butter is simply delicious and my favorite food if you haven’t already guessed!)

Q: Quote Day-everyone shares their favorite quote

R: Runner Appreciation Day: wear your favorite running outfit EVER

S: Starbucks Day: we all get Starbucks together after practice

U: USA Day- A’murica

T: Twilight Day-Twilight meet ( and in case you don’t know what this means, it will be a meet we run on the track at night with the stadium lights on, which is pretty sweet!)

X: Xtreme Day- run extremely fast in the last workout before the conference meet!

Y: YAYAYAYA Day- in other words, be overly excited about everything

Z: Zoom into Conference Day: pretty self explanatory

Well, that gives you a pretty good idea of what my team and I will be up to during these next 26 days. Rachel Scianna, one of our fellow bloggers also on the team, or I will keep you posted on some of the especially exciting days that come up. Let the countdown begin!


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  1. I’m total agree witch you guys.

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