Feeling like you’r still on Spring Break

Everyone always looks forward to the week off in March to lay in the sun, jump into a nice cold pool and feel the fresh sun hit your skin but most forget about the reality of coming back to school and unpacking that suitcase.
After having that relaxing week off most students feel off track or not wanting to come back to school but you have to. Some little things i have learned as a freshman to help me get back on track and stay focused is:
1. Check up and print out your grades. know where you stand before break informing you what you need to be on top of before and after break. This helps keep your mind on track and remind yourself what you need to focus on to receive the grades you would like and not slip under the spring break mind-set.
2. Look at your schedule for the classes you’re in and any big assignments that are approaching so when you come back you are not over powered with large, time-consuming projects because as a student you will probably break down due to pressure or receive little to no sleep which is not healthy after having a relaxing week off.
3. Stay healthy, stay on top of receiving all three meals each day, shower and receive sleep.  You need this to stay healthy and on top of your school work. Do not let yourself become lazy and of track because as many students know it is very hard to get back on that mind track to success.
Overall spring break is a great time to relax and get away for a week but don’t let the break suck you in. Stay on top of your school work and remind yourself it’s not summer vacation yet, you still have homework and grades to receive.


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