We Are The Champions…

This is the story of how I became an intramural badminton champion. However, I warn you that my luck was actually quite unfortunate.

To start off the lovely month of February, my roommate Ilona and I signed up to compete in intramural badminton.

Intramural badminton took place every Sunday night at 7 p.m. and it was completely free! All of the racquets and birdies were supplied so all we had to bring was our A-game.

I am a tennis player and have never really played badminton, but by the third practice, I improved drastically. I felt like I could have gone pro! Not really, but I was feeling pretty awesome about my new and improved skills.

Quite a few people showed up, but we decided to play singles instead of doubles so that we could get more matches in. I would really recommend joining an intramural sport or activity; they are so fun and it’s a great chance to meet more students at your school.

Anyway, last week we had our final meeting, and as you can tell by looking at my title, Ilona and I were the champions.

How you ask? “I thought that the teams broke up into singles,” you might inquire?

By an unfortunate but lucky coincidence, some of the more experienced players forgot to show up for our final tournament, leaving the rest of us a chance to compete for the gold! We all played each other until it was just my roommate and I left to verse one another.

Ilona won the first round, and I was catching up in the second. Sorry to end this so suddenly, but my luck ran out when I hit myself in the nose with the racquet and I had to quit the match early. It seems I forgot to mention that I am basically a ball/injury magnet; every single sport I play, I end up getting hit in the head somehow.

Anyway, everyone decided that since we originally signed up as a team, we would both be deemed champions.

P.S. Don’t tell anyone else the lamentable story behind my championship.


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