Rice Center- fitness classes at Benedictine University

The Rice center at Benedictine University is one of the nicest place on campus. The rice center is the gym that has new and improved equipment. Not only does the Rice center have new equipment but we also have instructional classes. When I don’t have any classes or if I’m on break I usually go to these classes with my friend and it feels great especially when you’re stressed out! Some of the classes offered are:  Zumba, Yogalates, Cardio kickboxing, Hip Hop fitness, Hardcore abs, and much more . The best thing about it is that the classes are absolutely free as long as your a Benedictine student.

Zumba-Latin dance that includes fitness workouts.

Yogalates-Pilates and Yoga together.

Cardio Kickboxing-Aerobics, kicking, punching that help tone your body.

Hip Hop fitness-Hip hop dance moves with a great cardiovascular workout.

Hardcore Abs- Class devoted to getting great abdominal muscles and back.

Every  fitness class varies in time so it’s great for students who have busy schedules. Usually a fitness class lasts 30 minutes to an hour. The instructors are extremely nice and just want you to have fun! You can join the class whenever you want and the instructor takes things step by step so that everyone can participate.

These fitness classes are great for students who are looking for something to do after a long day of classes!


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