Top Games to Play

Are you and your friends bored? Looking for some board games to play? Here’s my personal list of my favorite games to play on the weekend with your buds in random order.

1. Taboo

This is a word guessing game! Players partner up; one person tries to guess the word while the other describes the word without saying the word itself and three other words considered “taboo.”

2. Apples to apples

Here, one player deemed “the judge,” picks a green card with an adjective on it. The other players all have 7 red cards with nouns on them. Players pick one of their red cards that they think goes with the adjective and places it in a pile. The judge picks a green card and the winner, and that person gets the green card. First one to 7 green cards wins! This game is super funny, especially with controversial nouns and adjectives. A random example would be with the adjective “painful,” and someone put down a red card saying “bubbles.”

3. Mao

Mao, a card game where you only learn the rules by breaking the rules. I cannot tell you the rules because that’s apart of the game. The game is similar to Uno because you want to be the first to get rid of all of your cards. After each round, the winner thinks of a new rule but does not say it aloud, and penalizes those who break the rule.

4. Slaps

A fun card game, also known as Slapjack, in which the deck is evenly divided among the players and each player places a card face up on the table. You slap cards down in a pile on top of one another until you make a sandwich (e.g. 3-2-2,4-7-4) or a double (e.g. 5-5, 4-4). Everyone goes as fast as possible and when a sandwich or double appears, the slap is up for grabs and the first person to slap the pile gets all the cards. You want to have all the cards at the end of the game. Players who run out of cards are out of the game until a winner emerges.

5. Imaginiff

Here players choose themselves, a celebrity, friend, or historical figure and write their names on the Imaginiff dry erase board. Players receive voting cards and their own game piece to move across the board. One person rolls the dice, chooses a name off of the board and picks up an Imaginiff card; the card refers to the person/celebrity’s lifestyle, habits, or hobbies and players must vote on which description from the card fits the character. Majority rules and players who voted for the characteristic chosen by the majority can all move forward.

6. Who Am I?

Players write the name of a celebrity, cartoon character, historical figure or person on  a sticky note or paper with tape. We found it easier to pass your sticky note to the right a few times, placing each name in a pile and randomly selecting it works fine too. Player stick the name to their forehead without looking at the name. The player then tries to guess what name is stuck to their forehead by asking yes or no questions. This is really quite fun! I love this game.

7. Scrabble

I had to put this one on here just because it’s classic. While all of my other games were in random order, I put this one last on purpose. It can be fun, but you have to be in the mood to play it. It might be more fun is you set up a theme that words must follow, otherwise this game is my least favorite, but if you have nothing else, go for it!

That concludes my list of games to play on campus! Feel free to comment!


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