3 steps to committing to your major

To All freshman,
As an incoming freshman there is a lot on your mind. At times you feel overwhelmed or that you will never make it at college. You have to keep your head up, you can’t let the college stress get you down or beat down your future dreams in a career because a class is hard or you don’t like the professor. I know for me and my first semester here at Benedictine, I felt overwhelmed and was scared that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the major I wanted which is Health Science but I knew that I couldn’t doubt myself.  I knew I had to decided somewhat soon and tie myself down to one area.There were three steps I took to completing this:
1) Meeting with my advisor!

This helped me as a student a lot because she gave me a check list of classes needed to receive the major that I was interested in which was health science.It gave me an idea of what I had to accomplish in the next four years and how challenging it was going to be but it opened my mind to the world I would enter after leaving Benedictine and the things you need to accomplish.

2) Online research/ looking for med schools

After deciding my major I am committed  going into physical therapy. By picking this I know I will have to attend med school after graduation from Benedictine. Which is a lot to wrap your mind around, more school after four years! If you love something you know you want to do it. Looking online helps you see what schools provide you with that degree but also more background information on what your next school will look like and what you need to accomplish at Benedictine to graduate on the four year plan and attend med school the following year on top of the requirements for your major at Benedictine.

3) Asking for help

I knew in certain classes I would strive in and others I would need help and I couldn’t let this bring me down or change my mind, so I recommend asking for help!! Don’t be afraid to ask the professor questions or stay after class just because this is college, they are more than willing to help you be successful in their class.But if they cant help you Benedictine also has the student success center which can provide tutoring and extended help,  personally this has helped me a lot and I know if my professor cant help me they can! It helps take a little pressure off your shoulder but also makes you realize that if you put the time and effort in you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.
Overral even though I was deathly afraid of committing to my major I know now I picked the right one for me, and yes it maybe tough at times and I may want give up but I have to remind myself to keep my head up and to keep moving forward. So to all who are still committing to a major these are three helpful steps to getting closer to find the right one for you!!


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