Tips to $aving Money

As a college student, you will have many other expenses to deal with after college, whether it be student loans, renting an imagesapartment, buying a car or house, and the list goes on and on. That’s why, as a college student, it is crucial to learn the best ways in which to save your money. Not only does this save more money for those future expenses, it also just gives you experience on how to continue to save money throughout your life.

  1. Buy snacks in bulk if possible. If you have a Cosco or Sam’s Club membership card, these are great places to stock up. By buying in bulk, you avoid buying multiple packages of snacks that add up to a lot of money and instead get a good amount of food for a decent price in just one package. Plus, it saves you making multiple trips to the store by providing you with food that lasts for awhile-which means you save money on gas too! Don’t forget-you can always buy snacks from the Kindlon Cafe using your munch money (your munch money will be more or less depending on your meal plan). 
  2. Use a small amount of laundry detergent when doing laundry. You don’t need a lot of detergent, about 1/2 of your cap should do just fine (adjust according to how much laundry you have ). You can even buy Tide Pods, which are little pods that you place in the detergent area or throw right in with your clothes. I’ve been using them since the beginning of the year and  they work out great- I still had some left by the time winter break came around, and I do about 2 loads of laundry a week as an athlete, so yours will be more or less. So, this mean that I will have use about two bags per year! And just in case you didn’t know, the laundry here is free as well, something you’ll come to really appreciate once you realize just how much laundry you do!
  3. Printing is also free, another great benefit of being a Benedictine student, so take advantage of it! Many students bring their own printer, which is great for if you are up really late working on an assignment and just want a quick print. But when possible, I urge you to use the school printers as much as possible-ink can be extremely expensive and the cost of paper adds up too.
  4. Coupons! When you do have to make those trips to the store to get your wants/needs, use those coupons. Although they seem almost pointless when it’s a coupon that only takes away 50 cents, you’d be surprised by how much these coupons add up and save you in the end.
  5. Save money on gas-there are many stores, such as Walgreen’s, that you can easily walk too, thus avoiding a car trip and money spent on gas. If  a store is too far away to walk to, but not too far altogether, a bike is another great way if you decide to bring one with you to school so you can keep saving money on gas.
  6. If you plan on visiting the grocery store often, try buying a Jewel membership ( a grocery store less than 5 mins away from Benedictine). You gain points depending on how much you buy, and eventually these points add up to save you some money on your future purchases from the store.
  7. Try searching for cheaper book prices online at websites such as The cheapest books are usually the used books, which often have a description as to what kind of condition they are in. If the idea of purchasing a used book scares you, I would just like to say that all of the books I bought online happened to be used and they were in great condition ( plus I saved hundreds of dollars this way).
  8. Keep you’re student I.D. on you when going out. A lot of local restaurants will give you a discount if you can show them your student I.D. The Ogden Theater 6 even offers free movies to Benedictine students on a Friday once every month, so try to wait for this night if there’s a movie you’d really like to see.

These are all great ways that I hope you remember when you are a college student! Of course, I’m sure you’ll find some of  your own ways to save money that work best for you personally as you go through your college experience.


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