Internships are key to success in college.  Some departments expect the students to complete an internship in order to graduate.

Currently, I am pursing a variety of internship opportunities throughout the Chicagoland area and Peoria, Illinois.  Internships are not difficult to come by, however, paid internships are rather difficult to obtain.  It is very important that when pursing internships that you have a complete resume and a rough cover letter.  The letter will change depending on the job so it is important that you have a general cover letter completed.  Some students here at BenU do not have either documents on file or completed whatsoever.  Many of those students such as myself seek assistance through the Career Development Center in Krasa Student Center.

Career Development helps individuals looking for internships and individuals looking to start careers.  These people can either be current students or alumni.  Career Development helps students and alumni construct the strongest resume and cover letter possible.

Scared of doing an interview?

Career Development can prepare you for potential interview questions and inquires that an employer may have.  Practice interviews are important because you as the perspective employee will be very prepared for the interview.  Interviews are pivotal in acquiring an internships or occupation.  Some people do not interview well, and that is what Career Development is for.

Any questions feel free to comment on the blog or call Career Development at (630) 829-6040


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