Minute to Win It

Many of you have probably seen Minute to Win it on T.V. Well, have you ever had the desire to be on the show and compete in all those crazy competitions? The other night I had the chance to do our own version of ‘Minute to Win it’ here at Benedictine put on by one of the R.A.s in a chance to win $200 (which would be split in your team of 4, so you’d get $50). It was set up in CoalBen, and friends got together to make a total of 8 teams of 4. I played with one of our fellow bloggers, Rachel Scianna, and two guys from my cross country team.

In order to compete in each one-minute challenge, teams had to select a member from their team to go up against the other team’s members and answer a question about Benedictine as fast as they could. The first person to push their buzzer and answer the question correctly after the question was finished being read was then chosen to compete against the next team that answered the question the quickest. When two members won, the whole team would then come up to compete in whatever the challenge was for that round-these were challenge that were taken from the actual show. Before the challenge, the groups would watch a video ( like that on the actual show) telling them what they’d have to do for the challenge. Then, it was time to get competitive. The challenges included:

  • Rolling marbles across a length of  about 10 ft and trying to be the first to knock over a pencil standing straight up on the other side-1 person per team
  • Trying to wrap someone (mummy-style) using a whole roll of toilet paper- 2 people per team (a wrapper & a mummy)
  • Trying to keep 3 balloons in the air- 1 person per team
  • Using only your face to move a cookie from your forehead into your mouth, and trying to get as many as possible- 1 person per team
  • Drinking the perfect amount from pop cans and getting 3 of them to stand up tilted on their bottom-1 person per team
  • Using only your mouth, and only feet being allowed to touch the floor, and picking up 4 paper bags, with the tallest one standing only about a foot tall and the smallest about 6 inches-1 person per team
  • Being the first to pull all of the tissues from 2 tissue boxes-1 person per team
  • Blowing off all but the joker (at the bottom) of a stack of cards that were stacked on a cup-1 person per team
  • Spinning a marble in 3 pop bottles and then placing the bottle (bottom side down) onto a cup and having all three marbles spin for a total of 3 seconds together before falling into the cup

When it came down to a tie, the two teams had to compete in a final challenge in order to determine the winner. This final challenge consisted of hitting a cup, placed at the edge of a table, into the air and getting it to land onto a tall pop bottle- 2 people per team.

Although my team was just below the tied teams’ points and a little bummed that we came so close, this was the most exciting challenge to watch. Just when one team had finally got a cup onto a pop bottle and was pretty confident that they had won the challenge considering there was less then 20 seconds to go and the other team had no cups on the bottle, there was a turn in events when the other team suddenly and almost simultaneously got both cups onto the bottles and won the game!

So, if you’re competitive and into these kinds of things, and also just want to win some money, then I strongly encourage you to come out to events when you’re on campus!


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