Sights set on Majoring in Business

Interested in a Business Degree from Benedictine University?

I am currently a business management major at Benedictine University and truly enjoy every class I am in that relates to business.  I was not a strong math student coming out of high school and that really worried me.  However, my professors took the time to sit down and help me when I needed it.  Typically management majors have to take a variety of classes.  Check out this link, it’ll show you exactly what is expected of a business major.

The opportunities presented to me as a business major are nearly endless at BenU.  The Career Development Center has help me form my resume such that I have employers emailing and calling me at least once a week.  All of the majors at this University are high quality it’s just a matter of finding one that fits what you are interested in.  If you do not know what you want to do the Student Success Center can put you through a series of tests that will give you a variety of results to chose from.

All of the business professors here want you to succeed and graduate with as many honors and the highest GPA possible.  Yet they will not spoon feed you the information the student has to attend class and participate to get the most out of their education.  I was not an intellectually strong student in high school, but once I came to BenU and got my mind straight and my priorities in line I began to exceed in many fields of academia.


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