Let it Snow!

February can bring a lot of ups and downs when it comes to weather. One day I’m looking for my umbrella and the next I’m gearing up for a snowstorm.

Most recently, we had a crazy snowstorm!

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the snow. Since my youth, I’d make snow angels and snowmen. I’d practice making forts and igloos. I’ve survived sledding, iceskating, and multiple snow fights. Nowadays, I’m content to walk in other people’s footprints and stay inside to look at beautiful scenery. However, you can guess how exciting it was for me when Benedictine cancelled all evening classes!

While I had no evening classes to cancel, I gave myself permission to take a walk around campus. The snow was perfect for packing and snow games. It brought me back to see random snowmen, snow couples, and snow families as I walked around. It’s especially amazing because I’m talking about life-sized snow people here! If you looked out at the quad, you’d notice the picnic tables were turned over to create the best fort I’ve seen since early childhood.  These forts were perfect for the snow wars happening across the quad. The snow was not only great for people outside but also for those with a little less energy to spare. It was an excellent plan in itself to just stay inside and drink hot beverages.

Even for those of us who would of preferred a summer day, I’d say this storm was exactly what we needed…a break.

What do you do when the snow comes?


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