Fun Hobbies Seen on Campus

So, eventually we all need a break from our studies on campus. During my time here, I’ve come across some interesting hobbies that people keep up in their spare time. Including…


Most commonly seen among the females, knitting a scarf or crocheting a hat is a pretty chill hobby to pick up. Personally, I like to knit when I watch scary movies (which happens on a regular basis). Not only, does it help keep my mind off of things that stress me out, but I have a ton of cute, small gifts to give to friends (especially during the winter time!).

Bag Toss

Most commonly seen in the summer around the campus restaurant CoalBen, it’s a game involving skill in aim and counting points. You are given two boards with holes in the center and you simply toss a bag into the hole. Depending on where your bag lands, you get a certain number of points. My friends and I love the game so much, we have a mini-set that we play in the hallway of the dorm. ^.^


Yes, this is a hobby. I highly recommend it. I know we all like to try, but our bodies don’t run on coffee. They run on sleep…and water.


Even in winter, I’ll see BenU’s very own cyclist.

In fact, it’s a great hobby just to look for the tracks in the snow.

Fantasy Football

Most commonly seen among the guys, the sports fans will compete against each other’s score and have lively discussions.


We have our very own 10-minute hiking trail around the Slough. Of course,  I recommend to go during the day time. Rumors are the ghost only hang out at night. If you’d like to go for a more extensive trail, Greene Valley in Naperville has great hiking trails and is only 10 minutes away.

Movies! Music! Card-playing!

Pretty self-explanatory…

Nail Painting

Most commonly seen in the lounges of Jaeger (the girl’s dormitory), you’ll find extensive designs. My friend is so dedicated that she has small paintbrushes to help her. Here are some of her designs:

Nails FruitNails Halloween


Most commonly seen around the Quad, we have paved walkways and a few students who like to skateboard to class.

Door Decorating

Most commonly seen among the dorms, we even form competitions about who can best represent a theme. We use wrapping paper, stickers, and all other sorts of arts n’ crafts.

Tight Rope-Walking

I don’t know how this got started…I first saw it during Welcome Weekend of 2012. There are two trees placed a convenient distance from each other. When the weather is nice people would practice and help other people try. It’s a great new experience as well as sure test of balance and trust!

Intramural Sports

Bowling! Badminton! Dodgeball! You name it!


Commonly seen at Ondrak! Competitions and everything!


IntroduGeochachingced to me by a friend, it’s a treasure hunt.  The goal is to try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS. I recommend looking it up!


2 responses

  1. Thanks for listing napping as a hobby! I have always considered it one myself. 🙂

  2. That’s not tight-rope walking it’s slacklining.

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