Keeping Faith at Benedictine

MOSAICDo you want to grow in your faith, even in college?

When I came to Benedictine University, I moved three hours away from my home, away from my family. So, I saw it as an opportunity to become independent and it’s up to me now if I want to keep up with my faith. It is such a comfort to go to a university that supports and helps me become closer to God and involve Him in my life. I’m not only challenged to grow in my own faith but also to help lead others to become their better selves as well. As a community, we are meant to serve each other.

I’m proud to say, that Benedictine University creates an environment that one can grow and maintain his or her faith. At Benedictine, you will find Catholics (57%), Muslims (24%), Protestant Christians (15%), Hindus (3%) and others (1%).While our university has a strong Roman Catholic tradition (specifically in the Benedictine heritage), it is a part of this tradition that we acknowledge, respect, and welcome people of other religions.

Quick Info

For Christians…there is weekly at Mass on Sundays at 8 p.m. in Kindlon Hall 4th floor or weekdays at 12 noon

For Muslims…the Muslim Prayer Room is in the Founders Woods clubhouse and the prayer is on Fridays at 1:30 p.m

For Hindus…you can attend Aarti on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. in Kindlon 164

University Ministry is the place to go!

You can find opportunities for service and mission trips.

We gather groups together to help locally in food pantries such as “Loaves and Fishes Pantry” and “Feed my Starving Children”. Through our clubs such as Peace&Social Justice, Daughters of Isabella, and Education Formation you can do fun activities. For example, making dresses to donate to young girls in Haiti through the “Haiti Connection” and playing games with the residents at nursing homes. We have two mission trips per year! One takes you to Bolivia to work with children and the other to the Philippines to build houses. You can contact  Carrie Roberts at for more information or visit (look under the sub-sections for the cool stuff!)

You can put in requests for prayers.

Go to and tell them your prayer request. They will send out a mass e-mail to everyone on campus and you’ll have a whole campus praying for your request!

You can find books of religious topics and a wonderful lounge.

The lounge is a great place for a lot of things! Students use the lounge for studying, socializing, eating, and catching up on rest after those stressful exams. At most times, it is a peaceful place to just be yourself.

You can go to a Catholic focused retreat called Koinonia.

Koinonia is a Greek term for community. It is a three day retreat where one can get away from the chaos of the world to seek God and experience His Love and Mercy. It involves meeting other people looking to find out more about their faith (whether to find out what it is or develop a better understanding), praise&worship, good food, and hearing other witness to God’s love. Details and more information can be found here:

Interfaith (Mosaic) is the Movement Of Students Achieving Intefaith Collaboration

It took writing this blog and talking to one of the members for me to understand more about this organization. Harjot Sangha summed up the club perfectly, “Mosaic is a group made up of people with different faiths and non-faith who come together to celebrate and accept diversity.” Jessica Clodi also said, “We might be of different faiths and backgrounds, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t all a community. We all love and serve each other, we’re all human, and we all belong in community with each other.” The club runs a couple of events such as the Paper Drive in the Spring, and a Food Packaging Event in the Fall.

Dialogue is a great place for conversation between Muslims and Catholics.

Dialogue is a small club at Benedictine University that allows Muslims and Catholics to come together to discuss and share aspects of the Islam and Catholic faith. Usually, one will be asked to come to the meetings by the administrator, Dr. George-Tvrtkovic. On the page for the Interreligious Dialogue, it adequately describes the meetings as, “a safe space to discuss issues of understanding in a climate of loving respect” and have discussed topics such as, “home schooling, interfaith marriages, Islamaphobia, facebook messages, and easily misunderstood customs.”

Overall, I hope I gave you an exciting glimpse into the things we do here at Benedictine that increase our faith. I highly recommend you explore the Benedictine Webpage to see the details and everything else I didn’t cover. There is so much more!


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