7 thorough steps to playing college sports

My name is Billy. I’m a junior at BenU and I’m a three starter on the football team.

Many incoming freshman have played sports in high school, and some in fact are fortunate enough to get recruited.  However, in some instances the athlete has not received any interest from college coaches, but still wants to play at the next level.  Do not panic.  It was the summer going into my junior year, and I had not received any interest from any university throughout the country.  I thought I for sure had the talent to play at the next level, and potentially compete as quickly as my sophomore year in college.  Here are some suggestions for you to get the attention of college coaches:

1. Talk to your high school coach about getting your name out

2. Make a highlight tape and upload it to youtube.  Highlight tapes are huge because if the coach did not see you during the season this is his/her chance to see you in action.  Do not make the tape more than 6 minutes long.  Be sure to include all relevant stats and facts.

Below are good examples of a highlight tape to send to colleges.



3. Get about 15 copies of the highlight tape put on DVD and send them to whatever colleges you want to go to.  Be realistic

4. Go to the athletic page of the school, click on the ‘recruit me’ link and fill out the survey.  Coaches get hundreds of these so make sure yours stands out.

5. Email and call the coaches.  Do not be a nag, but email or call them about every 10 days.  If they do not get back to you after about a month then begin pursuing other options.

6. If you do get the opportunity to visit.  Take advantage of that opportunity.  Set up a meeting with a coach and go on a tour.  Finally, if you are comfortable with this, set up an overnight visit with a player and coach to stay at the university for a weekend.  This will allow you to see the guts and glory of the university, and will help you  in your search for the perfect school.

7. Your decision.  By the time April and May rolls around of your senior year you should be ready to make your decision on the college you wish to continue your academic and athlete career.  At this point it is appropriate to call the coaches of the schools you are not attending and inform them that you are not attending their school.  Then call the coach of the university you do plan on attending and inform him/her of the good news.


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