Top 10 Tips for Success

Everyone gets anxious when it comes to facing college life… especially college classes. Here’s a few tips to make acing college classes a breeze:

1. Find out what your professors expect from their students. If they like students that participate, raise your hand and answer a question! The teacher will be impressed and like you as a student.

2. Start assignments and studying early on. When juggling many classes, it can get overwhelming fast and you start to fall behind. Avoid this by working on assignments as soon as possible and NOT PROCRASTINATING!

3. Keep in contact with your professor! Email them if necessary and take advantage of a professor’s office hours. Attending their office hours will allow you to ask any questions to clarify something that was brought up in class or ask for homework help. Your professors will notice that you are dedicated to doing well in their class and like you as a student.

4. If you’re struggling in a class, get some tutoring from others that have taken that course! At Benedictine, free tutoring sessions are offered at certain hours in a wide variety of subjects. The tutors can critique and look over essays, help you out with math problems, or understanding a certain topic in a class. Use the tutoring to your advantage to succeed!

5. Find out what works for you and how you study. If you study better in a group or by yourself, with music or without music, at the library or in your room, etc. If you realize early on how you like to study and do homework, it will benefit you greatly in the future and you can be more productive.

6. Manage your time wisely so that all your assignments can get done and enough time can be put into your work. Be careful to not get sidetracked and distracted from what is most important. You will also need to manage your clubs/extra-curriculars and any jobs you might have with your homework and studying.

7. Naps are your best friend at college. You may spend long nights finishing an assignment and not get a lot of sleep before you next class in the morning. Take a quick, refreshing nap after your classes so that you won’t be tired the rest of the day. Before college started, I never took naps, but now I find myself staying up very late during the school week and need that extra hour of sleep in the middle of the day to keep my mind focused and my alert to take on the day’s challenges that come to me.

8. Dont be shy, ask questions. Ask the professor questions in class and ask for help if needed. It’s always better to get clarification on something you are unsire about so that you can do what the teacher expects and get a better grade on an assignment.

9. Review previous homework and quizzes to prepare for big tests or final exams, as well as other resources. Most of the time there are similar questions from those previous assignments or tests are built in the same format. Use those extra resources as a guide to studying, as well as study guides and descriptions from the textbook. Online sources can help as well to clarify an idea or topic.

10. GO TO ALL YOUR CLASSES! Even if you feel as though you are not learning anything from a class, attend the class. Sit through your lecture class and doodle if you have to. Just stay awake and pay attention to what you teacher says. Most of the time they give insight to what will be on the tests or what is very important to know.

Follow these steps and you will be on a set schedule to succeed in your classes and ace those tests! If you have any further questions about college classes, I am only one comment away!


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