Different Backgrounds

For everyone, college means something different. It can mean scary, exciting, overwhelming, challenging, demanding, costly, or world culturessurprising! New things will come your way as you start college, but it’s just a matter of how you handle everything. When attending the college of your choice and you’re located in a new area, you will be encountering new people who share different cultures and are different nationalities. You can learn a great deal about new cultures and make new friends that are different from yourself!

Even though I was born and raised in Chicago, a city of culture and diversity through and through, I was still introduced to people of different cultures that I have never met before. The diversity we have at Benedictine is amazing and ranges from people of cultures from all around the world. There are people from Egypt, Mexico, China, India, Europe and Canada to everything else that wasn’t mentioned. I’ve  met and made friends with a lot of  people with different cultures than mine.

A friend of mine who lives in my dorm building is one of the smartest, hardworking, and nicest person I have ever met and she is Muslim. Before college, I had no idea what the culture and religion entitled. I was oblivious to any Middle-Eastern culture until I started making new friends that belonged to that culture.  I ask her questions about her heritage and she has no problem telling me about her family customs or why she wears her certain clothing and what it represents. Learning  someone else’s background does make people closer  and they can gain respect for those that have different customs than they do.

Throughout everyone’s life you will encounter people that are different from you. If you stay positive and give others your respect, you will ultimately recieve respect back. Yes, the saying your mom always told you “Treat Others as You would Want to Be Treated” is true! You can really learn a lot about others with a positive attitude as you enter the college life!


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