Stay Organized In Your Dorm

I had to learn a lot about organization before I came to college, seeing that my room at home always looked like a hurricane ran through it. With a busy college lifestyle, it’s hard to keep everything you need organized in a tiny dorm room. Here are a few things that can make your life easier:

1) Command hooks. These have been my life saver. Buy a ton of them. Hang them everywhere. Your floor will be much less cluttered when your backpacks, coats, keys, and even jewelry items have a place to go.

2) A corkboard.  I use my corkboard as my reminder board.  It’s great for pinning To-Do lists to, homework that needs to be done, or any important forms you need.  I keep mine by my desk so I can always look at it while I’m working

3) Lanyard/keychains/cardholders/etc.  I was so nervous coming into college that I would lose my key and ID card all the time.  I keep my ID on a cute keychain cardholder along with my key and other cute keychains so that its easy to carry and find.

4) Small Bookshelf.  You’re going to have a ton of heavy books in your life once school starts (especially if your a science major). You don’t want these lying on your floor, so buy a small bookshelf to keep them on. Mine also serves as a T.V. stand 🙂

5) Flat Rolling Bins.  Put these under your bed! They easily roll in and out and this way you won’t be stuffing junk underneath your bed where you’ll probably never see it until the end of the year.

Just remember that your life will feel less like it’s in shambles if your room isn’t 🙂


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