Stop in the Name of Love

Friday, February 15th.  10:30 p.m.  Coal Ben.  Lights low, music pumping, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Those who stopped by the stoplight party can definitely say that it was the place be on Friday night. stoplightThe Jaeger Hall Council planned the entire thing. At first, the post-valentine’s day party seemed like a bust, but within an hour, students rushed through the doors in groups ready to get their dance on. Students wore green for single, yellow for maybe, and red for taken. Those who were wearing these three colors were entered into a raffle to win one of three restaurant gift cards.

Equipped with an awesome DJ, a snack bar, cookie decorating, a photo shoot, and the perfect location, the stoplight party went off without a hitch. I, for one, danced the entire night. The DJ had some good taste in music, playing Thrift Shop, Harlem Shake, and classic party songs like Jump Around, and the Cha-Cha Slide. When he played YMCA and the cupid shuffle twice, I thought to myself “…..Really?” But overall, the music was good and I had a great time.

Jaeger Hall Council definitely knows how to throw a party.


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