Finding and Getting a Job. Part One.

I started my first job at a fast food restaurant my sophomore year of high school and I have worked multiple jobs since then. I worked at the restaurant for a year-and-a-half,  at the local grocery store chain for 2 years, and I am currently working two jobs here at school. I can give you tips on how to get a job even if you do not have any experience.

When I was applying for my first job in my second year of high school, I first visited a fast food restaurant that I went to often; the manager recognized my mom and I immediately.  My mom explained to him that I had no prior experience, but told him that I was a hard worker, a good student, a quick learner, and that I’ve held leadership positions in high school. We asked him whether or not he would be hiring any new workers especially since summer was coming up. He said that he was looking to hire 3 or 4 new employees and that he’d love for me to work there. We each shook his hand and gave him my contact information. The very next week I started training and I had my first job.

I learned many things from this experience.

1. Walking into a place of employment and simply asking “Are you hiring?” in a dull voice isn’t going to get you anywhere. While I was working there, I saw this happen many times. You cannot just ask any employee if the establishment is hiring, it is extremely important that you ask a manager personally. They are the ones who will hire you, so you have to catch their interest.

2. If you do not have any experience or you are really young, but ready to work, it helps to take a parent or someone who can establish your reputation. Most employers won’t take a 16-year-old kid looking for summer job seriously; but they’ll definitely listen to an adult. My mom made it clear that I was a good worker and that they would miss a big opportunity if they didn’t hire me. I’m not saying to bring an adult and have them make you look good, they have to tell the truth of course; but at the same time you have to sell the manager an idea: the idea of hiring you.

3. Always always always, shake the manager’s hand. Even if they are not looking to hire anyone, shake their hand and give them your information. Who knows? Maybe in a few weeks someone will quit, and there will be a spot open for you. If an establishment is not hiring, do not just walk out. Leave a good impression on the employer and make sure they can contact you if a position is available.

For more tips and advice, continue on to the second part of my blog! There you’ll find tips on quitting your job, finding another, and a few things about the application and interview process!


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