Charity Date Auction

Recently I attended a program put on by one of the members of Reslife here at Benedictine called the ‘Charity Date Auction.’ The name pretty much gives you an idea of what this program was all about, but I’ll give you the details as to exactly how that night went!

As Valentine’s day has just passed, a group of some lucky, Benedicitine male students were selected to be sold as a date to a crowd of eager female buyers.The crowd was huge-people filled all of the chairs and some people just stood in the back so they could watch too! It was surprisingly not made up of just females, but had a good majority of men as well. Some of them were  teammates of the guys being auctioned (if it was someone who played a sport), and some were just their friends. Even more so, there was a lot of people there just to watch, such as couples or my friend (Rachel, also a fellow blogger) and I, because of how big of a hit this same event was last year!

How it worked was a video, recorded beforehand, was shown to the crowd of the man about to come out on stage. It gave the crowd some insight of his background and personality by having him explain information such as where he’s from and what his interests are. Then the man came out on stage and was interviewed with a few questions. The most entertaining and frequently asked questions were ‘What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done’ and ‘what would the perfect date night be like for you. The crowd was constantly on the edge of their seat to hear what funny, odd,  and/or sometimes sweet (in a girl’s eyes) things that they said. When the interview finished, the man ‘on sale’ was turned around so that his back was facing the audience. After that, the biding began! The money started off fairly low, and inched up by sometimes only by $1 amounts, but by the end girls were jumping by as much as $20-50 at a time!  The girl willing to pay the most money for a date with whatever man was on stage at the time won that date. The winner would then come onto stage, often be hugged by her future date, and then go off into another room together to fill out paperwork regarding the payment. In the end, some men were sold as dates for as much as $300.

Apart from how entertaining the auction was, the coolest part about it was that the money raised went to Saint Baldrick’s for kids with cancer. The student putting on the program got the crowd pumped by reminding the audience of the good cause this money was going towards, and than it was awesome to see everyone begin to bid higher and higher prices. In the ends, the money from all the dates sold totaled out to be $1,387 !!! It was truly an inspirational event to have gone to and I am so happy that I did! I highly encourage future students to not be afraid to try something different by going to some events on campus-it’s a great way to see what Benedictine is all about!


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