Getting Along With Your Roommate

When you live in a dorm at a university, you will most likely be paired with a random roommate. Some people get along very well with their roommate, but, when two people share a small space with each other, things can get hectic.

If you decide to apply for a random roommate (like I did!), you do get your roommate’s contact information and can start getting to know each other before school starts. My roommate and I talked on the phone almost every day and were able to plan times to meet each other in person. We even planned certain stuff that each of us would bring for our room and things that we would share to supply and decorate our room. By the time school came around we were already comfortable around each other.

However, even though some people are comfortable with their roommate, there are still certain things that people are worried about when getting a random person as their roommate. If you have any of these thoughts than just bring them up to your roommate and tell her/him that you wouldn’t like certain stuff to be touched or shared, or let them know any other circumstances. Everyone who is a resident on campus must accommodate and respect their roommates space, which goes along with being a good roommate to each other.

Some people get in the habit of spending every moment of college with their roommate. However, this can be extremely bad! You are living with this person while you are in college and can get sick of each other soon enough! Plan things to do outside of the dorms with other people. That way each of you can have time away from each other to do your own thing.

If you choose to play a sport at BenU, often times you get paired with a roommate from your team. You will spend a lot of time together at practices, conditioning, games, and usually your class schedules will be similar around all of your other team responsibilities. To make sure you can still get along with your roommate, you can do simple things such as bringing other people to lunch with both of you or join other clubs outside of your sport.

If you and your roommate learn to respect each other, things between you two will go very smooth and you can end up being great friends in the future! 🙂


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