Fitting homework into your day


Busy. Overwhelmed. Stressed. Tired. These are words that, sadly, you will be a lot of in college.   However, you don’t have to feel that way all the time and there are definitely some measures you can take to reduce these feelings. Mostly, this means figuring out how to fit homework into your day. One thing I’d like to make clear right away is that by ‘homework’, I mean studying as well because college is much less homework and more of just studying your notes rather than cramming right before a test.

Since I am a runner involved in 3 different seasons (cross country, indoor and outdoor track), a student ambassador, a student who eats meals outside of my room the majority of the time and someone who likes to keep up with my social life, it was very important for me to figure out how to fit homework into my busy schedule. Unfortunately,  it took me a little while to figure out how to balance everything. It is my hope that my personal experience and advice will be helpful for you when it comes to balancing your own schedule.

I am going to first give you a peek into how I might have handled situations before I was making a good use of my time and how I handle those situations now.

Before: save big projects or papers until the weekend because I felt like I would have more time

Now: at least get a start on those projects/papers during the weekdays so that it makes doing them on the weekend a quicker process and gives me a head-start. Trust me, sometimes the planning is the longest process, so it’s a big relief when that’s out of the way

Before: linger (and by linger, I mean REALLY linger, like for 45mins-hour) after meals with my friends and team

Now: linger occasionally when I know I don’t have a ton of studying to do and I will be able to make it to bed by a decent time

Before: hang out with friends in the dorm and save my homework until later-which resulted in me being exhausted and truly not comprehending my studying

Now: study first, fun second (it can actually be a good motivation)

Before: walk all the way back to my dorm between classes, losing all of my motivation to study by the time I reached my room                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Now: go to the library or basement of Krasa to force myself to study with no distractions

Before: study with laptop and cellphone nearby…two of the most popular distractions

Now: study with my cellphone on silent and laptop closed and away (unless I need it, of course-but no Facebook, Twitter, etc. up)

As you have probably already considered, these are fairly simple and obvious steps you can take everyday to fit your homework in. It’s just a matter of making really good use of your time and minimizing distractions. Even if you are a very serious student in high school as I was, it’s easy to build bad habits in college over time-so I really hope this keeps you from doing so!


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