What to do when you get sick on campus!

Winter is usually the time  where everyone has the sniffles and uncontrollable coughs. The feeling of being sick is awful especially when being in college. I live on campus and one of the things that I have struggled with is being sick .When I get sick it’s really hard to stay focused in class because all I want to do is curl up into bed and go to sleep. Sometimes, I feel like I would only feel better if I was at my house. Even with the right medication, I still can’t get better.  When living on campus you learn what to do when you get sick.

My first priority when I’m sick is plenty of sleep! You always hear that when you’re in college you never get any sleep. Sometimes college students like to procrastinate! In reality, if you do your homework early you can get as much sleep as you want. When being sick, having plenty of sleep can make you feel better and refreshed.

My second priority when being sick is eating healthy food. When being sick you want to stay away from fried foods especially when you have a sore throat. I know from personal experience, eating fried foods will hurt your throat and make you even more sick. Usually when someone is sick, you feed them soup. Luckily, Krasa (Dining area) has a variety of different kinds of soups everyday!  The soups are delicious and don’t taste like canned soup. Not only does Krasa have soup but you can also make sandwich and make your own salad. Just stay away from fried food!

If you honestly feel sick where you don’t feel like you can’t cure yourself you can always visit the health services on the first floor of Krasa. The health services can gladly assist you so you feel better and you can get back to your regular schedule.

Fortunately, Benedictine University is not too far from Walgreens. Walgreens is just across the street from Benedictine University. Even if you don’t have a car on campus you can still walk to Walgreens and get the necessary antibiotics needed.

Hopefully, my suggestions of what to do when you are sick on campus help those in the future who are planning to live on campus!


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