The benefits of having small classroom sizes!

One of the reasons why I picked Benedictine University was because of how many students were in each classroom.  Usually at Benedictine University a classroom consists of  20-25 people, sometimes even less. Typically a classroom that small is like a high school classroom. Here are the benefits of having a small classroom size!

One of the benefits of having a small classroom size is that the professor actually knows your name.  I know in big lecture halls in other universities it’s really hard for a professor to know your name or who you are if there is over 40 people in the class. I love knowing that professors know my name because it’s always a great way to keep in contact with a professor outside of class. Professors also pay more attention to students individually which benefits you and your grade.

Another benefit of having a small classroom size is that you get to know everyone in your class. When there is only 20-25 people in a class you pretty much know everyone. When your a freshmen and know no one on campus, interacting with others in class allows you to build a friendship.

Lastly, being in a small classroom allows you to focus more on the professor. I realized that when being in a large lecture halls I felt as though I wasn’t focused on the professor but rather I was focused on other people around me. Having a small classroom allows me to focus only on the professor which makes it’s easier for me to learn.

Thanks to the small classrooms in Benedictine University I’m able to be successful and comfortable in college!


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