Why I love BenU

benedictine[1]The beginning of my senior year, if you were to ask my where I wanted to go to college, I would have been unsure. However, I would have probably not even considered Benedictine at all if mentioned. Why? Because I was was certain (or so I thought) that I wanted to attend a huge university. I was under the impression that a larger university would offer me more fun and a chance to meet people from so many different backgrounds. What I am about to let you in on is how Benedictine offered me both of these things and other beneficial factors I had not put much thought into beforehand.

I first heard about Benedictine through the cross country and track coach here. I had been emailing her back and forth and she eventually urged me to visit. I decided to visit because I wanted to meet the team and get a sense of the kind of atmosphere that was at BenU. I was nervous to meet the team and was afraid it would feel awkward. After finally meeting the coach and team in person though, I instantly knew the 3.5 hour drive was worth it! The  coach and team were beyond friendly and welcoming and made me feel very much at home.

But for those of you who are not doing a sport, the friendliness I received from the team was not exclusive. The hospitality I felt from the staff and other students here at Benedictine was equally as warm. I was also surprised by the helpfulness and genuine care from those who were involved in the process of getting me enrolled and prepared to become a resident at Benedictine. They did everything possible to make the process as easy as possible- from informing me of all the scholarships I should apply for to scheduling meetings with different professors to help me narrow down my major.  Their assistance is extremely helpful so take advantage of it to those of you who are applying!

Another thing I love about Benedictine apart from the fun I have with the team and the friends I have made from classes and living in the dorm, is the diversity. It was something I was very aware of during my visits here and made me very satisfied since I was yearning to meet those from different backgrounds. Sure enough, my time here has really broadened my horizons of different cultures. To give you an idea of what I mean, my speech class alone had only about half the students who were born in or had parents from the U.S.

Lastly I’d just like to list some of those extra beneficial factors I brought up earlier that come with going to a smaller college or Benedictine University in particular:

  • More 1-on-1 time with the teachers because of smaller class size
  • Teachers don’t view you as just a number (which mostly happens in larger universities)
  • Very generous with scholarships
  • A great way to stay grounded in your faith-but no pressure for those from different religions
  • Free laundry and printing! Trust me-it saves you a ton of money in the end
  • You never have to walk too far when the weather is bad 😉
  • Chicago is close by
  • Napperville is also close and is a very nice area with lots of great restaurants and places to check out
  • Free tutors (already covered by your tuition)
  • Ranked the 3rd safest University in the state of Illinois
  • The newly renovated Rice Center, which contains plenty of workout equipment to use free at your convenience
  • A staff who truly cares about helping you succeed!

I hope what I’ve had to say about Benedictine University helps those who are still in the process of choosing a college or has made future students that much more happy with their decision 🙂


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